Big Chico – 30 Anos De Blues (2024)

Big Chico - 30 Anos De Blues (2024)
Artist: Big Chico
Album: 30 Anos De Blues
Genre: Blues, Harmonica Blues
Year Of Release: 2024
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Just a Blew in to Your Town (00:03:07)
Bad Feeling (00:06:22)
Made My Gateaway (00:06:04)
I Wonder Why (00:03:06)
Let’s Talk About Love (00:02:43)
Minor Mambo (00:02:48)
What Love Did to Me (00:05:00)
Nobody Loves Me but My Mother (00:08:38)
Hideaway (00:03:02)
I Got Go (00:03:29)
The Blues Had a Baby (00:04:26)
Slow for James Cotton (00:04:23)
One More Mile (00:03:08)


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