Jeff McMillan – Howlin’ At The Moon (2023)

Jeff McMillan - Howlin' At The Moon (2023)
Artist: Jeff McMillan
Album: Howlin’ At The Moon
Genre: Blues
Year Of Release: 2023
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Don’t Let The Devil Know When I’m Gone (00:04:16)
Checking Out While I was Checking In (00:03:53)
Can’t Quit What You Never Had (00:05:03)
Gambled On Our Love (00:04:26)
Howlin’ At The Moon (00:03:58)
Running Late (00:04:36)
Here We Go Again (00:04:17)
Blues For The Soul (00:05:56)
Devil’s Got My Number (00:04:50)
Have You No Shame (00:05:20)
Wasn’t Looking For Trouble (00:03:53)
Whisky My Old Friend (00:05:25)


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