The Blues Disciples – Big Beat (2015)

The Blues Disciples - Big Beat (2015)
Artist: The Blues Disciples
Album: Big Beat
Genre: Blues, Rhythm & Blues
Label: Land O’Blues Records
Year Of Release: 2015
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Big Beat (feat. Cecilio Negron Jr. & Matthew Wilson)
Never Gonna Be the Same (feat. Danny Moore, Cecilio Negron Jr. & Rick Holmes)
Elouise (feat. Billy Flynn & Rick Holmes)
My Heart’s Already Broken (feat. Amy Ashby & Danny Moore)
What I Need (feat. Billy Flynn, Rick Holmes & Cecilio Negron Jr.)
You Got It Girl (feat. Matthew Wilson & Kaya Schwarz)
Frankie Kapankie (feat. Danny Moore & Rick Holmes)
Tell It Like It Is (feat. Reverend Raven, Danny Moore & Amy Ashby)
Internet Love (feat. Danny Moore & Amy Ashby)
Funky Woman (feat. Billy Flynn, Rob Waters, Rick Holmes & Kaya Schwarz)
Squeeze It (feat. Reverend Raven & Amy Ashby)
Turning Point (feat. Billy Flynn & Matthew Wilson)


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