Hot Blues Sessions – HBS1 (Live at Hot Blues) (2022)

Hot Blues Sessions - HBS1 (Live at Hot Blues) (2022)
Artist: Hot Blues Sessions
Album: HBS1 (Live at Hot Blues)
Label: Hidden Track Records
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01 – Marshmalow (4:23)
02 – Gemini (6:26)
03 – Zirkel IV (1:09)
04 – Dos Camells (2:22)
05 – Takeda No Komoriuta (3:21)
06 – Volant (2:53)
07 – A Réguliers Déclics (0:17)
08 – Raval Life (1:32)
09 – Intro (0:58)
10 – Circular Steps (4:44)
11 – Gnostic Illícit Song (0:48)
12 – Ego Astudillo (3:43)
13 – L’Agonia de Lapa (5:53)
14 – Avis (3:06)


Hot Blues opened its doors in Igualada in 1998. A bar, café and music pub run by Marien Flores and Gès Burgès. A unique place that soon became a meeting point for the city’s music lovers, where they could share their passion for music. A place with a lot of personality where LPs or CDs were always playing instead of the radio, and where new music was exchanged and listened to on a daily basis.

HBS1 – Hot Blues Sessions arrives in 2022 as a tribute to that space that was unique and vital for the development of the Catalan music scene. A place where you could hear for the first time what are now great artists. A special limited edition vinyl that captures the cultural facet and recovers a selection of the concerts that took place in the Hot Blues concert hall (Igualada) from 2008 until its closure in 2017, after 19 years of activity.

HBS1 creates a sound journey based on twelve different artists and groups. A non-stop musical session where musicians, genres (pop, rock, blues, jazz, free jazz, electronic, afro, flamenco or folk) and different dates coexist, reflecting in the most sincere way the open and eclectic programme offered by the venue to the public.

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