Late Night Poems – Ostatni Dzień Lata (2022)

Late Night Poems - Ostatni Dzień Lata (2022)
Artist: Late Night Poems
Album: Ostatni Dzień Lata
Label: U Know Me Records
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Tylko smutek jest piękny
02. Nocne radio
03. Mieszko blues
04. Ostatni dzień lata
05. Moje życie
06. Obojętność
07. Angielskie wyjście
08. Tylko smutek jest piękny (Alternate)


Piotr Lemańczyk – double bass
Dawid Fortuna – drums
Michał Szkil – piano
Tomasz Nowak – trumpet

Late Night Poems is a combination of the formula of an acoustic jazz quartet, drawing on the best traditions of the genre, with lyrics
characterized by poetic sensitivity, presented in the formula spoken word – jazz & poetry. For this reason, the album is dominated by the noble sound of the piano, double bass, trumpet and drums, which are served by some of the top musicians on the Polish jazz scene.

Musically, the album features both swing and groove, free elements and subtle, spatial interplay of individual musicians. Bartłomiej “Eskaubei” Skubisz is responsible for the idea of ​​the album, the text layer and spoken word. Writes the author himself: – “It’s an album about emotions. About friendship and love, but also about loneliness, sadness and longing. It is an attempt to put words and music into what is elusive and in the deepest recesses of our being. It is the joy of small things in uncertain times and a story about the constant need for real, intense and deep relationships that, in the speeding and digitized world, are not always able to survive the test of time. Finally, it is a memento of the magical journey of three friends in the last days of summer 2020. ”

The album “The Last Day of Summer” will be released on October 28, 2022 in the form of an exclusive vinyl edition by the prestigious publishing house U Know Me Records. The graphic design of the album was taken care of by an outstanding Krakow graphic artist and illustrator, Animisiewasz Startt, whose designs are included in the lists of the best album covers every year. The album will be released in a basic and limited color version with attached postcards showing photos by Sonia “Kokoshka” Gorczak, which are also part of the graphic design plates. The album is promoted by a clip to the title track “The Last Day of Summer” by Beth Girll.

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