Peggy Lee – Classics & Collectibles (2004)

Peggy Lee - Classics & Collectibles (2004)
Artist: Peggy Lee
Album: Classics & Collectibles
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Label: Universal
Year Of Release: 2004
Format: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
CD 1: Classics
Mr. Wonderful (3:21)
He’s A Tramp (2:43)
Black Coffee (3:09)
Lover (3:20)
Where Can I Go Without You? (3:17)
This Is A Very Special Day (2:35)
Sing A Rainbow (2:48)
Just One Of Those Things (3:01)
Johnny Guitar (3:01)
The Siamese Cat Song (2:25)
The Moon Came Up With A Great Idea Last Night (with Bing Crosby) (2:54)
Apples, Peaches And Cherries (3:22)
(Sorry Baby) You Let My Love Get Cold (2:56)
Sans Souci (3:22)
La La Lu (4:16)
I Hear The Music Now (2:51)
Oh! No! Please Don’t Go (2:43)
How Bitter, My Sweet (3:03)
I Don’t Know Enough About You (2:59)
It Never Entered My Mind (3:00)
Ooh, That Kiss (2:25)
Bella Notte (3:12)
I’m Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now (2:18)
Sisters (2:27)
I’ve Grown Accustomed To His Face (2:46)
Peace On Earth/Silent Night (3:18)

CD 2: Collectibles
I Still Get A Thrill (Thinking Of You) (2:24)
The Tavern (3:13)
It Must Be So (with The Mills Brothers) (2:55)
That’s What A Woman Is For (3:26)
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong (2:29)
Never Mind (3:13)
Me (2:30)
How Strange (3:20)
Merry Go Runaround (with Bing Crosby & Bob Hope) (2:31)
Wrong Joe (2:57)
The Night Holds No Fear For The Lover (3:10)
Summer Vacation (2:53)
Go You Where You Go (3:04)
Straight Ahead (with The Mills Brothers) (2:43)
The Gipsy With Fire In His Shoes (2:56)
Pablo Pasablo (3:09)
Little Jack Frost, Get Lost (with Bing Crosby) (1:52)
I Belong To You (3:06)
It’s Because We’re In Love (with Jimmy Rowles) (3:02)
Singing (‘Cause He Wants To Sing) (2:33)
That Fellow’s A Friend Of Man (2:46)
Old Trusty (3:41)
Jim Dear (2:55)
What Is A Baby? (4:23)
Mister Magoo Does The Cha-Cha-Cha (with Jim Backus) (2:43)
Three Cheers For Mister Magoo (with Jim Backus) (2:33)


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