The Counts – It’s What’s in the Groove (1996)

The Counts - It's What's in the Groove (2011)
Artist: The Counts
Album: It’s What’s in the Groove
Label: Southbound
Year Of Release: 1996
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Medley a. Play It Again B. For Out C. Counts’ Blues
02. Dedicated Man
03. Tecalli
04. Flies Over Watermelon!
05. Riding High
06. Jazzman
07. Since We Said Goodbye
08. Magic Ride
09. At the Fair
10. I’m the Music
11. Funk
12. Funk Pump
13. Too Bad (You Don’t Love Me)
14. Chicken Pox
15. The Munchies
16. Short Cut
17. Sacrifice
18. Love Sign
19. Just You, Just Me
20. Counts Say Goodbye


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