The Fresh Sound Ensemble – Common Threads, A Celebration Of 30 Years Of Fresh Sound New Talent (2022)

The Fresh Sound Ensemble - Common Threads (2022)
Artist: The Fresh Sound Ensemble
Album: Common Threads, A Celebration Of 30 Years Of Fresh Sound New Talent
Label: Fresh Sound Records
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Erased
02. 30
03. JT and The Planets
04. El Murciélago
05. Do You Like Apples?
06. Simplicity
07. Anita Life
08. On The Square
09. Asimuth
10. Racoon Bin
11. El Murciélago (Alternate Take)


When a jazz record label like Fresh Sound New Talent, which started with nothing but enthusiasm and passion, reaches 30 years of existence, one thinks “something will have to be done to celebrate it”. And, not only was I already thinking about this idea, but musicians and friends also often asked me if I was going to do something to celebrate this occasion… And little by little a plan emerged; but it was important for me to assess what I could do, that it was viable, and that it also responded to the philosophy of the label.

After thinking about it, I decided that the best option would be to record a commemorative album. It is obvious that there are many musicians that I admire who have recorded for FSNT, with whom I would have liked to do something, but ‘with whom shall I collaborate for this record’, I thought. After sitting with this for a while, I came up with the idea of involving the young musicians from the emerging London scene, with whom I had been recording lately, and putting the musicians together in a co operative project. All of them, refreshing voices on the contemporary jazz scene.

The next thing I did was talk to most of them and explain the reason for my call, stressing that this project could be a unique meeting, in which a group of musicians of the same generation and from the same country could at the same time offer together to the world all the talent they treasure. To my satisfaction, their response was a unanimous “you can count on me”!

Following this very positive and encouraging response, I contacted Alex Merritt, who had already been very accommodating in our first conversation, and he offered to take over the production and coordination of the project. We were both happy to share the same enthusiasm and determination to achieve our musical goal.

The recording of this co-operative venture was carried out in two sessions, on August 11 and October 6, 2022, featuring Sam Braysher, Ronan Perrett, Alex Hitchcock, Alex Merritt, Michael Chillingworth, Steve Fishwick, Tom Ollendorff, John Turville, Conor Chaplin and Jay Davis, with Adele Sauros as a guest, who traveled from her native Helsinki to play on the first date.

Now is the time to highlight the jazz spirit of all of the members of both groups, and thank them for their excellent ensemble and solo work, throughout all of their performances. Likewise, also to those who skillfully contributed with their fertile imagination by writing excellent and stimulating original pieces, orchestrated with craftsmanship to be featured on this fully rewarding album.

Going back to the beginning, I can say that these 30 years of FSNT have been very intense and exciting, and they have passed for me very quickly. I want you to know that I am very honored to have been able to document the music of so many incredible musicians. Thanks to all of them.
—Jordi Pujol

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