Buddy Moss – Oh Lordy Mama – The Buddy Moss Collection 1930-41 (2023)

Buddy Moss - Oh Lordy Mama: The Buddy Moss Collection 1930-41 (2023)
Artist: Buddy Moss
Album: Oh Lordy Mama – The Buddy Moss Collection 1930-41
Label: Acrobat Records
Year Of Release: 2023
Format: FLAC (tracks)
CD 1:
01. I’m On My Way Down Home
02. Cold Country Blues
03. When I’m Dead And Gone
04. Prowling Woman
05. T.B.’s Killing Me
06. Hard Times Blues
07. Decatur Street
08. Bye Bye Mama
09. Jealous Hearted Man
10. Daddy Don’t Care
11. Red River Blues
12. Prowlin’ Gambler Blues
13. Can’t Use You No More
14. B and O Blues No. 2
15. Best Gal
16. Buddy Moss & Partner – Somebody Keeps Calling Me
17. Buddy Moss & Partner – Married Man’s Blues
18. Buddy Moss & Partner – Restless Night Blues
19. Broke Down Engine
20. New Lovin’ Blues
21. Unkind Woman
22. When The Hearse Roll Me From My Door
23. Insane Blues
24. Oh Lordy Mama

CD 2:
01. Misery Man Blues
02. Stinging Bull Nettle
03. Love Me, Baby, Love Me
04. Dough Rolling Papa
05. Some Lonesome Day
06. Evil Hearted Woman
07. Sleepless Night
08. Someday Baby (I’ll Have Mine)
09. Shake It All Night Long
10. Going To Your Funeral In A Vee Eight Ford
11. See What You Done Done
12. You Got To Give Me Some Of It
13. Your Hard Head Will Bring You Some Sorrow Some Day
14. Stop Hanging Around
15. My Baby Won’t Pay Me No Mind
16. Worrysome Woman
17. Undertaker Blues
18. Tricks Ain’t Walking No More
19. Gravy Server
20. Joy Rag
21. Unfinished Business
22. You Need A Woman
23. I’m Sittin’ Here Tonight
24. Little Angel Blues
25. Struggle Buggie


Eugene “Buddy” Moss, one of 12 children of a family of sharecroppers, was a blues singer guitarist and harmonica player from Georgia, and was one of what became known as the Piedmont school of bluesmen alongside Blind Blake, Josh White, Blind Boy Fuller and Barbecue Bob. Making his first recordings in 1930, when he was 16, with Curley Weaver and Barbecue Bob in the Georgia Cotton Pickers, he was particularly active during the mid-30s before being jailed for several years – when released in 1941, he recorded again, sometimes with fellow Piedmont stars Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, before the wartime shellac shortages and the 1942 AFM recording ban curtailed his activities. This 49-track 2-CD set comprises selected A & B sides from his releases during this era on the Columbia, Banner, Melotone, Vocalion, Perfect, ARC and Okeh labels, including recordings as a member of The Georgia Cotton Pickers and Georgia Browns, and with Pinewood Tom (aka Josh White). It features performances with Curley Weaver, Barbecue Bob, Fred McMullen, Josh White, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry. Although his style was shaped by his early exposure to local blues players, he was a highly individual performer who wrote most of his own songs, and this is collection offers an entertaining showcase for those talents.

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