Dave Fields – Time’s A Wastin’ (2007)

Dave Fields - Time's A Wastin' (2007)
Artist: Dave Fields
Album: Time’s A Wastin’
Label: Catapult
Year Of Release: 2007
Format: FLAC (image+.cue)
01. Let’s Get Shakin’ (3:52)
02. Keep It Up (4:32)
03. You Don’t Know (6:42)
04. Don’t Look At Me That Way (4:59)
05. Do Me Now (3:34)
06. Rabbi Blues (6:01)
07. Frenzy (5:34)
08. DF’s Blues (7:12)
09. I’ll Do You Right (5:29)
10. Do Do (3:04)
11. Rockin’ At The Barbeque (4:36)
12. The Cure (4:25)


Dave Fields is that rarest of musicians- one who has been successful in both, the often diametrically opposed, worlds of commercial music and creative music for over 10 years. In the former, he’s created an amazingly diverse body of music for an equally diverse range of clients and assignments ranging from song parodies to radio and television commercials all the way to film scores that only a musician of uncanny range, ability and flexibility could create. At the same time, he’s constantly brought his latest original music to the public via both records and regular live appearances. His original music, especially his solo C.D.’s, show a musician who’s managed to distill this extraordinary range of talent and influences into a unique sound and style that deserves to find a large audience.”
Kenn Dias

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