John Mayall – 1966-1972 (1990)

John Mayall - 1966-1972 (1990)
Artist: John Mayall
Album: 1966-1972
Genre: Harmonica Blues, British Blues, Electric Blues
Label: London Records/Zweitausendeins
Year Of Release: 1990/1994
Format: FLAC (image+.cue)
CD 1:
All Your Love (Rush, Dixon) 03:34
What’d I Say (Charles) 04:26
Ramblin On My Mind (Johnson) 03:07
Vacation (Mayall) 02:47
Walking On Sunset (Mayall) 02:50
When I’m Gone (Mayall) 03:17
I Need Your Love (Mayall) 04:20
No More Tears (Mayall) 03:11
Laurel Canyon Home (Mayall) 04:33
Brown Sugar (Mayall) 03:44
Down The Line (Mayall) 03:43
Sonny Boy Blow (Mayall) 03:49
Oh Pretty Woman (Williams) 03:34
I Can’t Quit You Baby (Dixon) 04:30
Driving Sideways (King, Thomson, Bridge) 03:58
Me And My Woman (Barge) 04:00
Checkin’ Up On My Baby (Williamson) 03:59
Hit The Highway (Mayall) 02:15
Leaping Christine (Mayall) 02:22
The Stumble (King/Thomson) 02:52
Dust My Blues (James, Josea) 02:46

CD 2:
The Super Natural (Green) 02:55
Hartley Quits (Taylor) 02:55
No Reply (Mayall, Taylor) 03:07
California (Thompson, Mayall) 09:32
Room To Move (Mayall) 05:06
So Hard To Share (Mayall) 07:02
First Time Alone (Mayall) 04:49
I’m Gonna Fight You J.B. (Mayall) 05:28
Do It (Mayall) 04:56
Fly Tomorrow (Mayall) 08:59
Red Sky (Mayall) 03:4700:28:27
Thoughts About Roxanna (Thompson) 08:16
The Laws Must Change (Mayall) 07:22


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