John the Revelator – Bluesproof (1988)

John the Revelator - Bluesproof (1988)
Artist: John the Revelator
Album: Bluesproof
Genre: Blues Rock
Label: Universe Productions
Year Of Release: 1988
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Revelator blues – intro 01:18
The Journey 04:14
Just a little bit 02:16
Worried dreams 10:37
Holding on to the sky 03:00
It ain’t that I don’t love you 05:11
End game 05:04
Memories 05:30
Baby please 03:03
Change my life 04:45
Double trouble 06:55
Revelator blues – outro 00:52
Can’t stop lovin’my baby (bonus track) 03:30
Can’t hold out (bonus track) 05:21
I held my baby last night (bonus track) 08:34


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