Johnny Burgin – Ramblin’ From Coast to Coast (2024)

Johnny Burgin - Ramblin' From Coast to Coast (2024)
Artist: Johnny Burgin
Album: Ramblin’ From Coast to Coast
Genre: Chicago Blues
Label: Straight Shooter Records
Year Of Release: 2024
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Ramblin’ From Coast to Coast (00:03:29)
Gettin’ My Blues On (00:03:59)
I Need Something Sweet (00:04:17)
Silently Suffering (00:04:32)
Stepladder Blues (00:02:51)
Cincinatti Boogie (00:03:34)
Fresno Woman (00:04:14)
I’m Playing Straight (00:02:41)
Older and Wiser (00:03:24)
I Was Right the First Time (00:03:42)
Vacation From the Blues (00:04:28)
Never Tried to Get Ahead (00:04:37)


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