Mighty Mo Rodgers – Dispatches From The Moon (2009)

Mighty Mo Rodgers - Dispatches From The Moon (2009)
Artist: Mighty Mo Rodgers
Album: Dispatches From The Moon
Label: DixieFrog
Year Of Release: 2009
Format: APE (image+.cue)
That’s One Small Step For Man… [0:00:10.13]
Blues For A Blue Planet (The Last Tango) [0:02:56.57]
Dispatches FromThe Moon [0:03:43.10]
Moonwalking On The Moon [0:03:00.17]
Blues Makes The World Go ‘Round [0:03:26.58]
Caller #1 Love Lines [0:00:46.64]
Blues Is a Woman Woe Is A Man [0:04:07.49]
Caller #2 Don’t Forget [0:00:26.97]
Tomorrow Isn’t Promised [0:03:10.97]
Coming To You Live… [0:00:34.62]
Blues In The White House [0:02:37.24]
Continental Blues [0:02:53.25]
Call And Response [0:00:19.52]
Faraway Blues [0:01:00.01]
Africana Blues [0:02:59.98]
Political Science Fiction [0:02:15.92]
Caller #5 Gimme Your Jive [0:00:28.70]
All The World’s Problems (Can Be Solved In A Bar) [0:03:12.30]
Dispatches (Part 2) [0:01:28.97]
21st Century Blues [0:03:02.89]
dispatchesfromthemoon.com [0:00:47.53]


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