Phil Manca – And All That Blues! (2022)

Phil Manca - And All That Blues! (2022)
Artist: Phil Manca
Album: And All That Blues!
Label: Tremolo Prod
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. All Around the World (3:35)
02. Until You Do (2:29)
03. Little Girl (Remix 2022) (2:47)
04. Down Payment Blues (Remix 2022) (7:16)
05. Gettin’ drunk (2:03)
06. Hot Liitle Mama (Remix 2022) (2:57)
07. Someone Cares for Me (5:53)
08. Motorhead Baby (2:13)
09. I Love to Love You (Remix 2022) (2:20)
10. Yer Blues (Live ) (4:55)
11. Betty Blue (Live) (5:33)


From his hard-rock roots to his latest productions, Phil (born in Paris-France) has always combined his talent as a guitarist and a song-writer. He was evolved with many bands and musical projects but the most significant to date stays ERA’s first album (7 million copies sold over the world)- and several sucessfull film soundtracks with the composer Eric Lévi.

In addition to writing songs for the French singer Renaud Hantson, he presents in 2003 at the Olympia in Paris a very refreshing rock musical version of the children’s tale Jack et le Haricot Magique (French translation of the English fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk) which went on tour for more than 10 years.

Recently he payed a tribute to Gary Moore for nearly 2 years until he decided to record his own blues-rock material.

Two albums were Year Of Release: Signs in 2018 and Dancing Spirits in 2021.

“Phil Manca’s outbursts on his Lespaul are thrilling because he fluidly mixes up his past as a guitar hero, the influences of his lifelong idols and his own ingredients that remind us that the guitar still has the power to move people .”
Christophe Crénel

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