The Whiskey Foundation – Leisure (2022)

The Whiskey Foundation - Leisure (2022)
Artist: The Whiskey Foundation
Album: Leisure
Label: Sun King Music
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Leisure (5:36)
2. No Turning Back (4:04)
3. Let’s Roll On (5:14)
4. Equality (4:09)
5. Waterfall (4:02)
6. Intro (1:19)
7. Information (5:10)
8. Words For My Loneliness (4:34)
9. Time (3:46)
10. When I Will Be Old (5:17)


An unmistakable (live) energy and grandiose blues-funk numbers characterized The Whiskey Foundation in the last eleven years. With “Leisure” the fourth album is now in the starting blocks and also offers some innovations without losing the “old” sound

The band has lost none of its energy and magic. Released as CD and vinyl LP on Sun King Music. The sound of The Whiskey Foundation carries you away. Away to an era that is no more, away to places that probably only exist in pure culture outside of Bavaria, the home of the six musicians. It is all the more astonishing how quickly you take the blues-funk sound from them at their live performances: With pumping basses, driving drums, a billowing Hammond organ, dirty vocals and floating to edgy guitars complemented by a brilliantly played harmonica, even first-time listeners close their eyes after just a few minutes there to drift off into another world, to become absorbed in the music – and to gradually relinquish responsibility for their own bodies and their movements

Precisely because of this effect, The Whiskey Foundation has earned a reputation beyond Germany’s borders as an inspiring live band in the years since its founding in 2011. Thus, the Munich blues quintet played over 300 concerts at festivals, pubs and clubs during this time and was booked as support for AC / DC and Deep Purple! In the year 2022, the band now comes up with quite a few innovations: 10 years after the founding, a line-up change takes place for the first time and with the two guitarists Dario Krajina and Simon Singer, the previously five-piece combo grows. The fourth studio album, on which the two new members are already fully involved, is produced and recorded in the band’s own rehearsal room during the Corona lockdowns.

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