Andrew Rathbun – Incubated Dilemma Machine (2022)

Andrew Rathbun - Incubated Dilemma Machine (2022)
Artist: Andrew Rathbun
Album: Incubated Dilemma Machine
Label: Koshkil Records
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Incubated Dilemma Machine, Pt. I – Concept Inflation
02. Slug Disco
03. Applesauce Juice Fresh Squeezed
04. Vampire Tailgate
05. Spurious Correlation
06. Slow Flood
07. Incubated Dilemma Machine, Pt. II – Lethal Monkey Spit
08. Rubber Bands
09. Spider Sacks March in Space
10. Proprietary Jukebox
11. Fungus Controlled Ant Swarm
12. Incompatible Commingled Vegetation
13. Profusive Cheesecake
14. Unidentified Substance Growing on a Log


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