Enrico Bracco – Flying In A Box (2022)

Enrico Bracco - Flying In A Box (2022)
Artist: Enrico Bracco
Album: Flying In A Box
Label: A.MA Records
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Flow
02. Unresolved
03. Little Stone
04. Urge
05. Cold
06. Flying In A Box
07. Proved Honesty
08. The Same Way


Flying In A Box lands as Enrico Bracco’s fifth studio album as bandleader and is perhaps the album in which he pays absolute due to the Afro-American Jazz mentality with its balance of melody and the swing and groove of New York City.

His quintet of guitar, piano, drums, bass and saxophone create a tapestry of meanings and moods which remind us of how instrumental Jazz can tell stories and engender nuanced, emotional responses that inspire the listeners to their own imaginative interpretations.

Perhaps it is Enrico’s experience in writing scores for theatre, television and cinema which enhances this storytelling through sound, chord structures and the interplay between musicians, their instruments and their expertise.

However one approaches Flying In A Box, it is undoubtedly an album of Jazz guitar that links to the greats of yesterday (Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery) and the new ‘Young Turks (Shirley Tettah, Tom Misch, Mansur Brown).

This Quintet, under the leadership of Enrico Bracco, is the flagship of modern, cantable Jazz and Flying In A Box is the evidence of this.

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