Marco Centasso – Hidden Rooms (2022)

Marco Centasso - Hidden Rooms (2022)
Artist: Marco Centasso
Album: Hidden Rooms
Label: Parco Della Musica Records
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Contenuto latente
02. Metamauco
03. Room One
04. Octopus Ecstasy
05. Oscura Era
06. Miss Tremors
07. Il ragno bianco
08. Room Two
09. Mea Shearim


Marco Centasso – Double Bass
Alberto Collodel – Bass Clarinet
Giovanni Mancuso – Piano
Raul Catalano – Drums

Parco della Musica Records publishes “Hidden Rooms” the debut album by double bass player Marco Centasso, all original compositions which, as the title of the album underlines, reveal hidden rooms, latent and unconscious contents of the musician’s path and the numerous influences that inspire his compositional process: cinema, photography, philosophy, psychoanalysis and authors such as Oliver Sacks, Donna Haraway, James Bridle. Between composition and improvisation, jazz and contemporary music, sound and image, Marco Centasso’s music is the result of a rhizome of suggestions that draw from these interests, from his experiences and from his city: Venice. Graduated in Jazz Double Bass, Marco has always pursued various research paths and experiences, specializing in other musical and artistic fields. His city has always been a perfect accomplice: the Biennale of Art and Music, relations with the Conservatory of Venice and the Ca ‘Foscari University have allowed Marco to compete alongside musicians of the caliber of Pauline Oliveros, Evan Parker, Daniele Roccato and in concert activities at theaters, museums and impromptu exhibitions. The musical projects he has founded in recent years – the RAME quintet, which blends jazz music and Italian texts, and the Ophir trio, which goes as far as the avant-garde of experimental jazz – testify to the imprint of his style in the compositions, in the contents and even in the use of the image. Not just a musician: in the wake of the great artistic vitality of the city and his studies in the arts of printing, Marco has cultivated a passion for photography and photographic printing, opening a darkroom, presenting some of his projects in photographic exhibitions. At the same time he has always maintained a keen interest in social, neurological and psychological studies. Each of these elements can be found in every piece by him, which is therefore a sign of an unmistakable style and bearer of messages, reflections and questions that interrogate art, music and life.

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