Martin Pyne & David Beebee – Ripples (2022)

Martin Pyne & David Beebee - Ripples (2022)
Artist: Martin Pyne & David Beebee
Album: Ripples
Label: Discus Music
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Making the Point (06:54)
02. Wabi Sabi (04:46)
03. Kawako (03:16)
04. Dance of the Damsel Flies (05:44)
05. Seeking Refuge (06:43)
06. Peg Powler (05:45)
07. Sodankyla (For Stephen and Miranda) (06:34)
08. Acheron, River Of Woe (06:20)
09. Night Music (06:54)
10. Why? (04:38)
11. Kingfisher Blue (06:03)
12. Naiad (02:58)


Martin Pyne: vibraphone
David Beebee: electric piano

Music the listener can sink into, immersing themselves in lush textures, and bathing in the richly varied harmonies and sonorities.
‘Ripples’ began life with an experimental session designed to explore the combination of vibraphone and Fender Rhodes electric piano. The results are delightful and surprising. The sonorities bleed into one another so that sometimes it’s difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins: this creates the extraordinary liquid quality of the music, and this in turn informed the album title, along with the titles of several of the pieces. It’s music that’s both intimate and intense.

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