Mary Panacci – Her Perfume (2014)

Mary Panacci - Her Perfume (2014)
Artist: Mary Panacci
Album: Her Perfume
Year Of Release: 2014
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. A Beautiful Friendship
02. How About You (feat. John Alcorn)
03. Love Is Stronger Far Than We / Al Cuore Non Comandi Mai
04. Double Rainbow (Chovendo Na Rosiera)
05. Love Dance
06. Tangerine
07. I Wish You Love (feat. Luis Mario Ochoa)
08. Her Perfume
09. A Child Is Born
10. Some Other Time
11. Almost Like Being in Love (Bonus Track) [feat. Natalie Panacci]


Long before Anthony Panacci sent me a copy of this record featuring his vocalist wife, Mary, he told me about the upcoming album he was producing for her. It was going to feature a lot of this country’s top jazz players. In the end, that’s precisely what happened. He didn’t add that the record would be a gem. He didn’t have to. Family, friends and colleagues each added their fingerprint. You can hear it. In fact, listening to this album, you can sense it and feel it.

Back then, I hadn’t yet heard a note. Yet it sounded exciting. Anthony told me about the tunes, the players, the songs and the ups and downs of getting a record made. Over the years I have been privileged to know musicians, some have told me about the complexities of making records. They often describe the process as a labour of love. That is a bit of an understatement. It takes singers, arrangers, instrumentalists, engineers, artists, printers, manufacturers, time and money. Then add more time and more money. It takes patience, organization, perhaps a bit of plain old stubbornness.

I get excited when someone decides that something important has to get done and that they’re the guys to get it done, and get it done well. But when it’s all done satisfactorily, you and I get to hear their music and live in its acoustic cocoon. Mary, Anthony, their daughter Natalie, and everyone else whose work appears on this collection surely poured all their love into it. And to them I say, “Take a bow!”

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