Milton Nascimento – Milagre dos Peixes (1973)

Milton Nascimento - Milagre dos Peixes (1973)
Artist: Milton Nascimento
Album: Milagre dos Peixes
Label: EMI
Year Of Release: 1973/1995
Format: FLAC (image+.cue)
01 Os Escravos de Jo (Brant, Nascimento) 3:12
02 Carlos, Lucia, Chico E Tiago (Nascimento) 6:03
03 Milagre Dos Peixes (Brant, Nascimento) 2:51
04 A Chamada (Nascimento) 4:18
05 Cade-/Canto: Nico E Telo (Guerra, Nascimento) 3:58
06 Pablo II (Nascimento) 3:13
07 Tema Dos Deuses (Nascimento) 3:23
08 Hoje E Dia de el-Rey (Borges, Nascimento) 6:55
09 Ultima Sessao de Musica (Nascimento) 2:18
10 Sacramento (Angelo, Nascimento) 1:52
11 Pablo (Bastos, Nascimento) 2:53


One of Milton Nascimento’s most experimental albums, Milagre Dos Peixes was originally released in 1974. Accompanied by the Som Imaginario, Nascimento presented this album in a theater show in Rio and Sao Paulo, with orchestra, and the result live recorded and released on a double album called Milagre Dos Peixes Ao Vivo. In one of the worst periods of military dictatorship, all lyrics were systematically censored, the reason why the album is instrumental. Not entirely, to be sure. He can be heard crying “Eu To Cansado” (I Am Tired), and he also sings the lyrics of “Sacramento,” having the boy Nico Borges delivering “Pablo” with that mixture, so dear to Nascimento, of a poor boy’s ingenuity filled with a religious aura. It can be said that this album was especially suited for the talents of Nana Vasconcellos, who adds so much life to it. A must-have classic.
by Alvaro Neder

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