Moka Efti Orchestra – Telegramm (2022)

Moka Efti Orchestra - Telegramm (2022)
Artist: Moka Efti Orchestra
Album: Telegramm
Label: Motor Entertainment
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Tresor Unser
02. Last Chance Sweet Valentine
03. Turquoize
04. Bedeutend
05. Join The Club
06. Sohn
07. Dog Gone Love
08. Eilmeldung
09. We Can Stop The Show
10. Surabaya Johnny
11. Ein Ballade


What began as a big band for Tom Tykwer’s Babylon Berlin has long since grown into an ensemble that has grown together over the years, in which Germany’s best jazz cats get their musical arena.

A group of talented musicians assembled for the series became an orchestra with its own identity. Already with the first product one went too much on one’s own path. The series ultimately functioned primarily as an obstetrician. Telegram proves once again: You can’t just copy the strengths of the Moka Efti Orchestra, you can’t just wish them on. “All of us are hunters and gatherers,” Kamien sums up the MEO situation with a beautiful image. Or to put it another way: you collect tones, notes, songs, melodies and finally send the result out into the world as a telegram.

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