Nora McCarthy, Joshua Wolff – A Time for Love (2013)

Nora McCarthy, Joshua Wolff - A Time for Love (2013)
Artist: Nora McCarthy, Joshua Wolff
Album: A Time for Love
Label: RedZen Records
Year Of Release: 2013
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. A Time for Love
02. Better Than Anything
03. Small Day Tomorrow
04. I Like You You’re Nice
05. Love Came On Stealthy Fingers
06. It Isn’t so Good It Couldn’t Get Better
07. Blue Gardenia
08. I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry
09. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most
10. You Are There
11. Lucky to Be Me


A Time For Love, is comprised of music written by some of the most beloved contemporary composers and lyricists of Great American Music namely: Johnny Mandel, Tommy Wolf, Fran Landesman, Jules Styne, Sammy Cahn, Dave Frishberg, Leonard Bernstein, Bill Loughborough, David Wheat, Bob Russell, and Blossom Dearie. With timeless pieces such as, “A Time For Love,” “Small Day Tomorrow,” “Blue Gardenia,” “Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most,” “You Are There ” and, “I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry,” among others, the musical chemistry between McCarthy and Wolff is palpable and their near telepathic, spontaneous, and compelling performance is unforgettable.

The music on this CD was captured on May 28, 2010, at the internationally acclaimed jazz cabaret, The Metropolitan Room, NYC. It was a magical night of remembering, honoring, sharing , friendship, and love.

Nora McCarthy has thus far had a very productive and significant musical career. Recently listed in the “Best Jazz of 2012 for Female Singer and Top Vocal Jazz Album” categories by Arnoldo DeSouteiro, Journalist, Founder and CEO of JSR (Jazz Station Records), for her CD, In the Language of Dreams, she is known as a brilliant improviser. A poet and a songwriter in addition to being a highly original singer, she is an important force in the advanced New York jazz vocal scene since 1996 when she recorded her first of thus far six CD’s, red&blue. Nora’s burnished alto voice is rich, subtle and laced with varying degrees of earthy blues and soulful phrasings that are rooted in the Jazz tradition.

From Seattle, Washington, Joshua Wolff was known for being a strong soloist and sensitive accompanist. His performances took him all over the United States and to Europe including several tours to Japan with legendary jazz singers Mark Murphy and Sheila Jordan. One of the first gigs Wolff performed in NYC was with the beautiful, talented singer Nora McCarthy on December 31, 1998. Wolff recalled “It was love at first sight and sound . . . I knew right away that she had something magical about her. It was more than her sense of intonation and time; she simply understood the music and was able to share it in a very personal way. This is a very rare quality in any musician. I knew at that moment, that this was the beginning of a very wonderful musical relationship.”

“….Joshua Wolff was more than a competent accompanist; he was a unique voice, an artist of the highest caliber, a musical architect who had incredible ears, a wonderfully percussive technique—excellent sense of timing, and tremendous emotional capacity. The journey we embarked upon this night was unpredictable and it would also be one of our last together. I will forever treasure the music and memory of this evening. This night we were not just a singer with piano accompaniment, No, we were two artists playing together, making music, telling our story, dancing our dance together, and on this night our music became immortal; Joshua Wolff passed away, May 19, 2013 of pancreatic cancer….” Nora McCarthy

This CD reminds that life is about embracing every moment, living to the fullest, squeezing every drop of delicious juice from it, taking chances, having no regrets, surrendering your all, touching hearts and leaving your mark with dignity and love.

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