Séverine Morfin – Mad Maple (2022)

Séverine Morfin - Mad Maple (2022)
Artist: Séverine Morfin
Album: Mad Maple
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. À l’aube, pt. 1
02. À l’aube, pt. 2
03. Dans la forêt, pt. 1
04. Dans la forêt, pt. 2
05. Dans la forêt, pt. 3
06. Les murmures
07. Glacés, pt. 1
08. Glacés, pt. 2
09. Glacés, pt. 3
10. Glacés, pt. 4
11. Tempête, pt. 1
12. Tempête, pt. 2
13. Tempête, pt. 3


Séverine Morfin creates organic and powerful conversations between music and other worlds. MAD MAPLE invites us to cross a soundscape and explores our vibratory relationships with what surrounds us. Clarinets, guitars, viola and synthesizer mingle with the murmurs of the forest, the breaking ice, before the coming storm.

“The crisis in our relationship to the living is a crisis of sensitivity […] we consider the living as a reserve of available resources, as a place of renewal. We lose the ability to pay attention to it, as a whole being.

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