Tom Tallitsch – Perspective (2009)

Tom Tallitsch - Perspective (2009)
Artist: Tom Tallitsch
Album: Perspective
Label: OA2 Records
Year Of Release: 2009
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Swirl (08:39)
2. Conscious Contact (05:41)
3. Propellerhead (09:32)
4. Red Giant (05:48)
5. Slippery Rock (08:13)
6. Tall Order (07:48)
7. Dark Before the Dawn (08:09)
8. In a Whirl (07:24)


Tom TallitschH – Tenor & Soprano Saxophones
Victor Baker – Guitar
John Stenger – Piano
Paul Gehman – Acoustic Bass
Justin Leigh – Drums and Cymbals

An interesting set of original compositions from frontman Tallitsch, Perspective takes some time giving the full ensemble room to stretch out with long, flowing pieces galore. The album opens with “Swirl,” using the full ensemble to signal movements in tone while letting pianist John Stenger twinkle throughout. In “Conscious Contact,” the pace quickens a bit and the band begins to separate for bits of collective improvisation, but the key figures remain Tallitsch and Stenger soloing and comping back and forth ably — this is one of the best chances on the album to hear Tallitsch’s sensitivity to the music as he alternates quick, strong passages with more tender cuts. “Propellerhead” provides an outstanding solo from Stenger, “Red Giant” builds into a tight groove after a bit of buildup, and “Slippery Rock” eventually builds into a casual groove of sorts. “Tall Order” gives guitarist Victor Baker a chance to lay out a quiet, casual solo at length, and “Dark Before the Dawn” makes a nice interlude of sorts before the finale. “In a Whirl” provides a little bit of modality, a little bit of Miles’ classic sounds, and a constantly roving piano-and-sax combination that enlivens the proceedings just enough to close out the album with some energy. The show tends to focus specifically on Tallitsch and Stenger, but the album and the performances (all around) are entirely solid.
by Adam Greenberg

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