Andy T Band – Double Strike (2017)

Andy T Band - Double Strike (2017)
Artist: Andy T Band
Album: Double Strike
Genre: Modern Electric Blues
Label: American Showplace Music
Year Of Release: 2017
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Somebody Like You (Feat. Alabama Mike & Anson Funderburgh) (3:20)
I Want You Bad (Feat. Alabama Mike) (3:28)
Deep Inside (Feat. Nick Nixon) (3:28)
Sweet Thing (Feat. Nick Nixon) (2:35)
I Feel So Bad (Feat. Nick Nixon) (4:44)
Juanita (Feat. Nick Nixon) (3:48)
Mudslide (2:52)
Sad Times (Feat. Alabama Mike) (4:25)
Doin’ Hard Time (Feat. Alabama Mike & Anson Funderburgh) (4:52)
Drunk Or Sober (Feat. Nick Nixon) (3:32)
I Was Gonna Leave You (Feat. Nick Nixon & Anson Funderburgh) (4:05)
Dream About You (Feat. Alabama Mike) (3:13)
Where Did Our Love Go Wrong (Feat. Alabama Mike & Anson Funderburgh) (3:55)


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