Fred Chapellier – Live In Paris (2024)

Fred Chapellier - Live In Paris (2024)
Artist: Fred Chapellier
Album: Live In Paris
Genre: Modern Electric Blues
Label: Dixiefrog
Year Of Release: 2024
Format: FLAC (tracks)
My Love Comes Tumbling Down (6:20)
Don’t Take Me For a Loser (6:34)
I’d Rather Be Alone (5:54)
Juliette (4:02)
Remnants (4:42)
Mother Earth (7:12)
Under The Influence (9:22)
Blues On My Radio (5:15)
Racing With The Cops (5:48)
Something Strange (3:57)
Tend To It Blues (8:19)
Rodney’s Song (4:29)
Tend To It Shuffle (7:32)
Love That Burns (8:39)
If You Be My Baby (7:11)
Gary’s Gone (8:48)


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