Izo FitzRoy – A Good Woman (2023)

Izo FitzRoy - A Good Woman (2023)
Artist: Izo FitzRoy
Album: A Good Woman
Genre: Blues, Soul, Funk
Label: Jalapeno Records
Year Of Release: 2023
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Hope Divine (00:04:38)
Chasing Days (00:03:51)
Keep Your Light on Me (00:04:07)
Call Me Pilgrim (00:03:57)
Pilgrim (Interlude) (00:01:08)
Somewhere Beyond the Wreckage (00:04:09)
Scram (00:03:25)
God Gets a Little Busy Sometimes (00:04:27)
Released (Interlude) (00:00:59)
A Good Woman (00:05:02)
Sum of Its Parts (Interlude) (00:01:00)
Small Mercies (00:04:27)
Give Me the High (00:03:57)
Love and Affection (00:04:04)


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