Jeff Jensen – The River City Sessions (2016)

Jeff Jensen - The River City Sessions (2016)
Artist: Jeff Jensen
Album: The River City Sessions
Genre: Blues
Year Of Release: 2016
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Introduction (Live) 0:53
T-Bone Shuffle (Live) 5:34
Make It Through (Live) 3:42
Empty Bottles (Live) 5:32
J.J. Boogie (Live) 5:10
Find Myself All Alone (Live) 7:28
Brunette Woman (Live) 3:32
Elephant Blue (Live) 4:42
Heart Attack and Vine (Live) 6:53
Can’t Believe We’re Through (Live) 8:46
(Band Introduction) 0:53
Ash and Bone (Live) 4:17
All Along the Watchtower (Live) 9:32


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