JJ Thames – Raw Sugar (2016)

JJ Thames - Raw Sugar (2016)
Artist: JJ Thames
Album: Raw Sugar
Label: DeChamp Records, LLC
Year Of Release: 2016
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Oh Lord (feat. Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons)
02. Hattie Pearl
03. I’m Leavin’
04. Leftovers
05. Woman Scorned
06. Only Fool Was Me
07. Bad Man
08. Hold Me
09. Don’t Stop My Shine
10. I Don’t Feel Nothing
11. Plan B (Abortion Blues)
12. Raw Sugar
13. I Wanna Fall in Love


Raw Sugar is the name of J.J.’s original song and the title of her upcoming CD for Rolling Fork Records.. It is also an on the spot description of the blues singer and songwriter from the music mecca of Detroit, MI “MOTOWN” whom has earned this moniker the hard way. Thames is one sexy chanteuse. She has performed all over the world with artists as a backing vocalists, but her path to success was not always glamorous or easy.

Raised in a General Motors fueled, blue-collar family, J.J. became blues- shouting banshee by the time she was just 21 years old. she cut her teeth after moving down to Jackson, MS. Where she began to perform with the celebrated “Chitlin’ Circuit superstars like; Marvin Sease. Miss Thames has proven to be a true survivor as she scrambled her way to the top of the roots music heap, creating a soon to be world renowned reputation that is just taking off into the atmosphere.

A colorful mixture of the traditional blues and soul, Thames cut her musical teeth in the early 90’s onstage with musicians and friends, Bobby Blue Bland, Peggy Scott Adams, Willie Clayton and Denise Lasalle to name just a few. Her fans are a mixture of true genre bending , traditional blues fans, ska rockers, chitlin’ circuit blues lovers. rockabilly and swing dancers, grey haired hippies, and everyday folk of all ages, flock to see J.J. and hear her musical messages of love, hope and empowerment.

Thames’ live shows are the stuff of legend. She honors the bold blues women of the past with both feet firmly planted in the now. She belts – growls – shouts – croons and moans from a place deep within her soul that hark ens back to the days of Chess, Bluebird and Stax Records. She uses music as therapy and often writes and chooses material with positive affirmations that leave the audience feeling healed and exhilarated. A show that is part revival meeting and sexual celebration, she’ll deliver a Mississippi juke joint-tongue-in-cheek blues tune or a soul ballad like Etta James , encouraging audiences to leave behind their dancing reservations. She’ll slay the crowd with her balls out rendition of Wang, Dang, Doodle or testify with a sweat drenched passion like no other. She often says she is a “woman of the 1950’s thru 1960’s trapped in a young woman’s body” and she dresses the part. Bedecked in dresses and outfits from that era, Thame’s performance is Mississippi by way of Memphis with a quick stopover in Detroit.

J.J. is what was beautiful about music from those days gone by but her excellence, authenticity, determination and optimism are what keep her shows passionate, honest and irresistible. One evening with J.J. will keep the crowds happy, hopeful and coming back for more.

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