JP Soars – Full Moon In Memphis (2014)

JP Soars - Full Moon In Memphis (2014)
Artist: JP Soars
Album: Full Moon In Memphis
Genre: Rockin’ Blues / Modern Electric Blues
Year Of Release: 2014
Format: FLAC (image+.cue)
Full Moon Night In Memphis [0:04:04.14]
Back To Broke [0:03:59.41]
Makes No Sense [0:05:27.45]
Somethin’ Ain’t Right [0:04:26.14]
Mean Old World [0:03:54.03]
Savin’ All My Lovin’ [0:04:05.70]
Reefer Man [0:03:24.42]
Way Back Home [0:04:23.06]
The Back Room [0:04:28.63]
Thorn In My Side [0:04:46.36]
Viper [0:03:38.65]
The Road Has Got Me Down [0:02:54.13]
Lil’ Mamacita [0:03:12.64]
Missin’ Your Kissin’ [0:03:39.56]


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