Kai Strauss – Getting Personal (2017)

Kai Strauss - Getting Personal (2017)
Artist: Kai Strauss
Album: Getting Personal
Genre: Modern Electric Blues
Label: Continental Record Services
Year Of Release: 2017
Format: FLAC (tracks)
The Blues Is Handmade (Feat. Sax Gordon) (6:04)
Get The Ball Rolling (2:59)
Did You Wrong (Feat. Sax Gordon) (4:24)
I Ain’t Buying It (4:01)
I Can’t Wait (Feat. Big Daddy Wilson) (5:05)
Getting Personal (4:30)
Quick Buck (Feat. Sax Gordon) (4:39)
What You Do (Feat. Sax Gordon) (4:22)
This Game Ain’t Worth Playing No More (Feat. Sax Gordon) (5:26)
Gotta Let You Go (3:57)
Blues For Anne (Instrumental) (Feat. Tony Vega) (9:07)


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