Mark Knopfler – One Deep River (Deluxe Edition) (2024)

Mark Knopfler - One Deep River (Deluxe Edition) (2024)
Artist: Mark Knopfler
Album: One Deep River (Deluxe Edition)
Genre: Blues Rock, Folk Rock
Label: EMI Import
Year Of Release: 2024
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Two Pairs Of Hands (4:06)
Ahead Of The Game (3:56)
Smart Money (4:27)
Scavengers Yard (4:34)
Black Tie Jobs (2:57)
Tunnel 13 (5:28)
Janine (4:43)
Watch Me Gone (5:02)
Sweeter Than The Rain (4:17)
Before My Train Comes (4:05)
This One’s Not Going To End Well (4:00)
One Deep River (4:20)

Bonus CD:
The Living End (3:43)
Fat Chance Dupree (4:15)
Along A Foreign Coast (4:34)
What I’m Gonna Need (2:52)
Nothing But Rain (3:28)


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