Mud Morganfield – Portrait (2022)

Mud Morganfield - Portrait (2022)
Artist: Mud Morganfield
Album: Portrait
Label: Delmark Records
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Praise Him (5:22)
2. Short Dressed Woman (3:31)
3. Son of the Seventh Son (4:41)
4. Love to Flirt (2:54)
5. Catfishing (4:49)
6. Health (6:06)
7. Loco Motor (4:04)
8. Money (Can’t Buy Everything) (4:07)
9. Midnight Lover (7:47)
10. Go Ahead and Blame Me (3:33)
11. Leave Me Alone (4:23)
12. You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had (3:34)
13. Blues in My Shoes (4:55)
14. Good Morning Little School Girl (3:37)


PORTRAIT offers fourteen powerful numbers by Muddy Water’s eldest son, Mud Morganfield, including two previously unreleased songs. Mud appears surrounded by a constellation of first-rate blues musicians. All tracks have remastered especially for this first Mud Morganfield album on Delmark Records. “MUD MORGANFIELD has grown into a superstar on the blues circuit. Certainly, there will be comparisons to his dad, but that can be expected and rightly so. Mud comes as close to the Muddy experience as one can get. He will always pay tribute to his dad with the Chicago blues ensemble sound that Muddy created. But Mud was also brought up musically when soul, Motown and R&B ruled the world. Mud played bass and performed with bands playing the hits of that era. This, along with his blues pedigree, has influenced Mud’s own songwriting skills, which are constantly evolving.”

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