Ray Collins’ Hot-Club – Shaking That Boogie (2001)

Ray Collins' Hot-Club - Shaking That Boogie (2001)
Artist: Ray Collins’ Hot-Club
Album: Shaking That Boogie
Label: Vinyl Japan
Year Of Release: 2001
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Shaking That Boogie
02. Get a Move on It
03. Bopland
04. Daddy’s Coming Back Home
05. Nothing But Your Kiss
06. Down in Hell
07. I Gotta Go
08. Hob Nob Club
09. Hot-club Special
10. You’re My Gal
11. Rock Me Baby
12. Sweet Little Love
13. Baby Won’t You Please Come Home
14. Burn out Boogie


Imagine a band which could play to perfection a mixture of 40 and 50’ s Jump-blues, swing, jive and of rock’ roll with authenticity and an overflowing energy while developing their own style and composing some solid songs. A band which could set a ballroom on fire with only the first bars of a brass section. Imagine nine guys ready to party and make you spend an unforgettable evening and which for that will give all that they have! You think that kind a band has never existed and will never exist neither in Europe, neither in States nor in any area of the world. But I can swear to you that this band really exist (cause I saw them!) and that they just released their third album “Tohuwabohu” for Crazy Love Records. This group is The “Ray Collins’ Hot Club”, a german bunch of wild guys which signed their first album in 2001 -“Shaking That Boogie”- and which since became a reference.

Some bands are good in studio and disappointing on stage. Some others are just the opposite; they are great entertainers but their albums are flat and without any “fever” or “guts” whatever you call it. In this case, we are dealing with this rare species of band who are at the same time achieved showmen and which sign original albums with no fillers or tracks to be thrown away.

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