T.V. Slim – Flatfoot Sam (1999)

T.V. Slim - Flatfoot Sam (1999)
Artist: T.V. Slim
Album: Flatfoot Sam
Genre: Blues
Year Of Release: 1999
Format: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
Flatfoot Sam [0:02:08.19]
Flatfoot Sam Meets Jim Dandy [0:02:18.59]
Darling Forever [0:02:10.65]
To Prove My Love [0:01:55.59]
My Baby Is Gone [0:02:25.57]
Gravy Round Your Steak [0:02:40.23]
You Can’t Love Me [0:02:15.01]
Hold Me Close To Your Heart [0:02:23.50]
Rockin’ Little Baby [0:02:29.74]
Tired Of Your Cheatin’ And Lyin’ [0:02:16.12]
My Ship Is Sinking [0:02:09.15]
Snake Dance [0:02:04.32]
T-V Man [0:03:05.07]
Flatfoot Sam Is Back [0:01:56.43]
Don’t Reach Across My Plate [0:02:01.29]
Every Man Needs A Woman [0:01:58.03]
Can’t Be Satisfied [0:02:48.53]
Juvenile Delinquent [0:02:23.04]
You Just Won’t Treat Me Right [0:02:28.46]
I’m A Real Man [0:02:17.20]
You Can’t Buy Love [0:02:29.08]
Love Bounce [0:02:26.20]
The Fight [0:02:31.49]
Bad Understanding Blues [0:02:26.73]
You Can’t Buy A Woman [0:02:37.65]
Going To California [0:02:39.68]
Henpecked Joe [0:02:25.61]
Don’t Knock The Blues [0:02:42.41]
Dancing Senorita [0:02:19.38]
Your Kisses Changed Me [0:02:08.61]
Flatfoot Sam [0:02:19.29]


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