VA – 100 Blues’n’Soul Greats (1991)

VA - 100 Blues'n'Soul Greats (1991)
Artist: Various
Album: 100 Blues And Soul Greats
Genre: Blues
Label: Tring International PLC
Year Of Release: 1991
Format: FLAC (image+.cue)
Vol. 1:
John Lee Hooker – Dimples
Howlin’ Wolf – Ain’t Superstitious
Joe Turner – Nothin’ From Nothin’ Blues
Billie Holiday – I Got It Bab And It Ain’t Good
Muddy Waters – The Stuff You Gotta Watch
Gatemouth Moore – My Mother Thinks I’M Something
Roy Milton – Red Light
B.B. King – Catfish Blues
Lightnin’ Hopkins – I’M Leaving You Now
Roy Milton – Early In The Morning
Billie Holiday – Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone
Leadbelly – Poor Howard Green Corn
Muddy Waters – She Moves Me
Elmore James – Dust My Broom
Muddy Waters – Iddine In My Coffee
John Lee Hooker – Tupelo
Howlin’ Wolf – Sreamline
Joe Simon – Say
B.B. King – B.B. Boogie
Billie Holiday – Nice Work If You Can Get It
Gatemouth Moore – I Ain’t Mad At You Pretty Baby
Muddy Waters – Close To You
John Lee Hooker – Drug Store Woman
Howlin’ Wolf – Goin’ Down Slow
Elmore James – I Believe

Vol. 2:
Howlin’ Wolf – Commit A Crime
John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom
Billie Holiday – God Bless The Child
Muddy Waters – You Gonna Miss Me
Gatemouth Moore – Did You Ever Love A Woman
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Just Pickin’
B.B. King – Walkin’ & Cryin’
Leadbelly – Boll Weevil Blues
Howlin’ Wolf – Somebody Walkin’ In My House
John Lee Hooker – Frisco Blues
Billie Holiday – Don’t Explain
Elmore James – Look On Yonder Wall
Muddy Waters – Mean Red Spider
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Shake That Thing
Howlin’ Wolf – My Country Sugar Mama
B.B. King – Please Love Me
John Lee Hooker – No Shoes
Billie Holiday – I Loves You Porgy
Leadbelly – The Gallis Pole
Gatemouth Moore – Beale Street Ain’t Beale Street No More
Muddy Waters – Diamonds At Your Feet
Roy Milton – Information Blues
John Lee Hooker – I’m In The Mood
Howlin’ Wolf – My Mind Is Ramblin’
Jimmy Reed – Little Rain

Vol. 3:
Muddy Waters – Baby Please Don’t Go
John Lee Hooker – Hobo Blues
Howlin’ Wolf – Louise
Billie Holiday – Fine And Mellow
Gatemouth Moore – Boogie Woogie Papa
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Mojo Hand
Leadbelly – Blue Tail Fly
Ray Charles – Walkin’ And Talkin’
John Lee Hooker – Baby Lee
Muddy Waters – Train Fare Blues
Joe Turner – Wee Baby Blues
Elmore James – It Hurts Me Too
Billie Holiday – Fooling Myself
B.B. King – Everyday (I Have The Blues)
Little Walter – Mean Old World
John Lee Hooker – Trouble Blues
Howlin’ Wolf – I Walked From Dallas
Jimmy Reed – Where Can You Be
John Lee Hooker – Crawling King Snake
Ray Charles – Hey Now
Billie Holiday – Easy To Remember
Muddy Waters – Sittin’ Here Drinkin’
John Lee Hooker – Old Time Shimmy
Gatemouth Moore – Somebody Got to Go
Leadbelly – How Long

Vol. 4:
John Lee Hooker – Blues Before Sunrise
Billie Holiday – When Your Lover Has Gone
Howlin’ Wolf – Hold Onto Your Money
John Lee Hooker – Little Wheel
B.B. King – How Blue Can You Get
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Bring Me My Shotgun
Gatemouth Moore – Everybody Has Their Turn
Ray Charles – I’m Wonderin’ And Wonderin’
Leadbelly – Big Fat Woman
John Lee Hooker – Whiskey And Wimmen
Roy Milton – I Got A Big Fat Mama
Billie Holiday – Easy To Remember
B.B. King – Payin’ The Cost To Be The Boss
Elmore James – Coming Home
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Sometimes She Will
Muddy Waters – Forty Days & Forty Nights
John Lee Hooker – Process
Leadbelly – In New Orleans
Gatemouth Moore – Were You Loving Me
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Coffee for Mama
John Lee Hooker – Dusty Road
Muddy Waters – Sad Letter
Billie Holiday – Ain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness
Ray Charles – I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now
John Lee Hooker – What Do You Say


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