VA – Kings Of The Blues Guitar (2014)

VA - Kings Of The Blues Guitar (2014)
Artist: B.B. King, Freddy King, Albert King
Album: Kings Of The Blues Guitar
Genre: Blues
Label: NOT NOW Music
Year Of Release: 2014
Format: APE (image+.cue)
CD 1 – B.B. King:
Everyday I Have The Blues (1952)
Sweet Little Angel (1956)
When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (1962)
Three O’Clock Blues (1951)
Please Love Me (1952)
Hold That Train (1960)
Sweet Sixteen (Parts 1 & 2) (1959)
Driving Wheel (1958)
Walking Dr. Bill (1951)
Early In The Morning (1956)
Please Accept My Love (1958)
Mr. Pawnbroker (1955)
The Fool (1958)
Please Set The Date (1954)
Someday Baby (1954)
Sugar Mama (1959)
You’ve Been An Angel (1955)
My Own Fault, Baby (1952)
The Woman I Love (1954)
Treat Me Right (1958)

CD 2 – Freddy King:
See See Baby (1960)
Hide Away (1960)
Takin’ Care Of Business (1961)
Butter Scotch (1961)
Have You Ever Loved A Woman (1960)
You Know That You Love Me (But You Never Tell Me So) (1960)
San-Ho-Zay (1961)
I’m Tore Down (1961)
Lonesome Whistle Blues (1961)
I Love The Woman (1960)
Side Tracked (1961)
Let Me Be (Stay Away From Me) (1961)
The Stumble (1961)
It’s Too Bad Things Are Going So Tough (1961)
You’ve Got To Love Her With A Feeling (1960)
Swooshy (1961)
If You Believe (In What You Do) (1961)
Just Pickin’ (1961)
Heads Up (1961)
You Mean, Mean Woman (How Can Your Love Be True) (1961)

CD 3 – Albert King:
I Get Evil (1962)
Travelin’ To California (1961)
Need You By My Side (1959)
Hand Me Down Blues (1953)
Dyna Flow (1960)
I’ve Made Nights By Myself (1960)
Don’t Throw Your Love On Me So Strong (1961)
Got To Be Some Changes Made (1962)
Little Boy Blue (1963)
What Can I Do To Change Your Mind? (1962)
Walking From Door To Door (1961)
Why Are You So Mean To Me? (1959)
Be On Your Merry Way (1953)
Ooh-Ee Baby (1959)
Bad Luck Blues (1953)
Old Blue Ribbon (1960)
I’ll Do Anything You Say (1962)
The Time Has Come (1959)
I Walked All Night Long (1960)
Blues At Sunrise (1960)


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