Arild Andersen Group – Affirmation (2022)

Arild Andersen Group - Affirmation (2022)
Artist: Arild Andersen Group
Album: Affirmation
Label: ECM Records
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. One (Affirmation Part I) (4:30)
2. Two (Affirmation Part I) (6:14)
3. Three (Affirmation Part I) (4:40)
4. Four (Affirmation Part I) (8:23)
5. Five (Affirmation Part II) (7:10)
6. Six (Affirmation Part II) (1:38)
7. Seven (Affirmation Part II) (5:24)
8. Short Story (7:28)


Arild Andersen: double bass
Marius Neset: tenor saxophone
Helge Lien: piano
Hakon Mjaset Johansen: drums

Norwegian bassist Arild Andersen, an ECM musician for more than fifty years, is a masterful player who has always welcomed a challenge. His first recording with his new quartet – including rising stars Marius Neset and Helge Lien (both bandleaders in their own right) – is almost entirely improvised.

The players make the leap of faith together and find and develop forms in the moment, an object lesson in spontaneous group creativity. Affirmation was recorded in November 2021 at Oslo’s Rainbow Studio.

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