Emmanuel Borghi Trio – Watering the Goods Seeds (2022)

Emmanuel Borghi Trio - Watering the Goods Seeds (2022)
Artist: Emmanuel Borghi Trio
Album: Watering the Goods Seeds
Label: Le Triton
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01 – Opening (5:13)
02 – Sneaky Thoughts (3:24)
03 – Round Twelve (4:26)
04 – No Hurry (5:21)
05 – Choice (7:24)
06 – Roads Cross (4:23)
07 – For S.R (5:29)
08 – Conclusion (2:20)


Emmanuel Borghi : Piano, compositions
Théo Girard : Contrebasse
Ariel Tessier : Batterie

While all the country’s performance venues were closed and the heart of the world of culture was beating in slow motion due to the Covid-19 pandemic, jazz pianist Emmanuel Borghi took the opportunity to take the time to bring out the embryos of compositions that he had kept in his cupboards for several years. It had been a long time since the former Magma keyboardist had oriented his work around the search for new sounds and harmonic colors. The successive confinements gave him the opportunity to refine these sketches and, very quickly, the idea came to him to experiment them live, within a group specially designed to play this repertoire. The immense talent of young musicians Ariel Tessier and Théo Girard as much as their motivation to be part of this adventure convinced Emmanuel Borghi: a new trio was born. At the base of this project, there is the desire of the composer to work on dodecaphonic techniques and to adapt them to the formula of the trio. Here, the themes are pretexts for improvisation and the result is a perpetual renewal on stage, the pieces never sounding quite the same. It is also around this postulate, this permanent questioning and this refusal of repetition that Emmanuel Borghi wished to work for the elaboration of this magnificent disc that you currently hold in your hands. Throughout the recording sessions, hand in hand with the sound engineer who needs no introduction, Philippe Tessier Ducros, the group transformed the essay, and in the most beautiful way! Live and on your speakers, the Borghi trio will always continue to have fun and will never cease to surprise you!

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