Fabiano Do Nascimento & Itiberê Zwarg Collective – Rio Bonito (2022)

Fabiano Do Nascimento - Rio Bonito (2022
Artist: Fabiano Do Nascimento & Itiberê Zwarg Collective
Album: Rio Bonito
Label: rings
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Starfish (2:24)
02. Emotivo (2:37)
03. Coletivo Universal (1:24)
04. Strings for My Guitar (2:21)
05. Luz das aguas (2:03)
06. Theme In C (2:54)
07. Just Piano (1:08)
08. Strings for My Guitar (Full Band) (2:23)
09. Retratos (3:49)
10. Kaleidoscope (4:29)


“Rio Bonito” is an album of mostly Fabiano’s compositions with the arrangements of Itiberê Zwarg (Bassist and prolific composer from Hermeto Pascoal’s group) and his “Coletivo dos músicos”.
Recorded in early 2021, partly in Los Angeles from Fabiano’s home, and also in the town of Rio Bonito, (where the title comes from) which is 2 hours south of Rio de Janeiro where Itiberê, his son Ajurinã, and most of the “Coletivo” of musicians who participated on this project reside.

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