Florent Corbou – Organic Quintet (2023)

Florent Corbou - Organic Quintet (2023)
Artist: Florent Corbou
Album: Organic Quintet
Genre: Jazz
Label: ArtiProduction in Circum Girum
Year Of Release: 2023
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. La sortie du labyrinthe
02. Uncircled
03. U-R Here
04. Aphélie
05. Punisher
06. U-R Here, Part. 2
07. Zarith
08. Everything Is Changing
09. Intro Echoes
10. Echoes


Leila Martial – vocals
Illya Amar – vibraphone
Pierre Tereygeol – guitar
Julien Augier – drums
Florent Corbou – bass

Organic is Florent Corbou’s new project. It is part of the continuity of an aesthetic centered essentially on the repetition, transformation and development of motifs. For several years, he has been inspired in his projects by the influence of minimalist, obvious and predominant music. Through the choice of its instrumentation, Organic is a group with atypical sounds that offer a wide sound palette. The voice, the instruments and their amplifications make it possible to register the music in a search for timbres oscillating between an acoustic use and an electrical transformation with more pop and contemporary colors. The musicians gathered within Organic, all from the improvised scene and Jazz, have in common a taste for improvisation, exchange and freedom. Young experienced musicians, they affirm their individuality and their originality within a common architecture. A discovery made in Sunset!

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