Fruit Distro Collective – Some Kind Of Wisdom (2022)

Fruit Distro Collective - Some Kind Of Wisdom (2022)
Artist: Fruit Distro Collective
Album: Some Kind Of Wisdom
Label: Dopeness Galore
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Wisdom Says I Am Nothing
02. Nothingness Turns To love
03. Love Says I Am Everything
04. Samsara (This Life)
05. Flora’s Lullaby
06. Comparison Is A Thief Of Joy
07. Balance In All Things
08. What’s Your Manifesto? (Outro)


Boris van der Hoff: Drums, keys & percussion
Tristan Coco: Bass
Lucas Van Ee: Horns (B1, B2)
Misha van der Winkel: Vocals (A4)
Thimo Geijzen: Guitar (A4, B3)
Piry Reis: Vocals (B1)

“As my girlfriend’s pregnancy was steadily treading along, I settled into my home studio in the attic of our new house. In our previous apartment I had a tiny room which could hardly fit my recording gear, let alone my drums which were still sitting at my parents’ house eating dust. Now that we’d moved into a bigger place, I had confiscated a part of the top floor to build my studio. This time I had just enough space to fit my drum set together with other percussion instruments, Fender Rhodes and synths. This sparked a whole new world of creative opportunities.

At the same time I also started to think about what kind of wisdom I would want to pass on to my children. I started writing down my thoughts. Little anecdotes, ponderings and things to think about as a human being.

These two events took place in parallel and once I actually started jotting down my first compositional ideas I saw the concept right there in front of me bright as day.”

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