Hagai Bilitzky – New Sound of the Middle East (2022)

Hagai Bilitzky - New Sound of the Middle East (2022)
Artist: Hagai Bilitzky
Album: New Sound of the Middle East
Label: Cruvit Records
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01 – Nicho (5:22)
02 – Riss (5:52)
03 – Naama (4:54)
04 – Takano (8:22)
05 – Tarabass (4:39)
06 – Taqsim Hijaz (3:41)
07 – Roshe (4:26)
08 – Junem (5:06)


For the last two decades, International double bass virtuoso Hagai Bilitzky has been crafting his one of a kind Middle Eastern double bass art, while providing the low frequencies to some of the most important traditional Eastern music ensembles, such as the Algerian pianist Maurice El Médioni’s trio, Piris Eliyahu’s projects, Ladino singer Yasmin Levy’s group, Amal Murkus, Mark Eliyahu, Taiseer Elias, Simon Shaheen, and many more.

The first single from the album “New Sound of the Middle East”.
The integration between the ancient musical traditions of the Middle East and the modern innovative performance techniques of tomorrow’s musicians is what creates Hagai Bilitzky’s 2022 release.
This original music was written to challenge the sound of the traditional ensemble of the Middle East, the “Takht”, while keeping its sonority, dynamics, and spiritual essence.
The ensemble, composed of fellow masters alongside brilliant young lions of the genre, Jews and Arabs, shows a new musical way for the live tradition of Arabic music to evolve.
For the first time, the deep sound of the double bass is moving to the front of the stage, performing the full depths of the Arabic maqam.
The ability to preserve the tradition’s principles while simultaneously bringing novelty and curiosity to each performance is one of the foundation stones of traditional Arabic music and of any profound musical tradition, such as jazz. In this recording, the boundaries are tested and designed with great sensitivity.

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