Hiroshi Ozone – Unison (2023)

Hiroshi Ozone - Unison (feat. Makoto Ozone) (2023)
Artist: Hiroshi Ozone feat. Makoto Ozone
Album: Unison
Label: Universal Music LLC
Year Of Release: 2023
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Egg On The Roof (feat. 小曽根 真) (7:09)
02. Green Salad (feat. 小曽根 真) (7:34)
03. Aquarius (feat. 小曽根 真) (5:56)
04. Invitation (feat. 小曽根 真) (6:51)
05. In A Mellow Tone (4:30)
06. Back Street (feat. 小曽根 真) (8:21)
07. What Is This Thing Called Love? (feat. 小曽根 真) (6:20)
08. Madam Leo (feat. 小曽根 真) (6:56)
09. Gorgeous (feat. 小曽根 真) (7:31)


Born as the second son of pianist/organist Minoru Ozone, who made a great contribution to the development of the Kansai jazz scene, saxophonist Kei Ozone grew up in a jazz family with his older brother Makoto Ozone.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 1985, he has been mainly active in nurturing younger generations in his hometown of Kobe, but this time he has produced his first solo album.

Makoto Ozone, who has long recognized his talent for saxophone and composition and has been advising on album production for many years, served as producer and participated fully in the performance. Kengo Nakamura and Shinnosuke Takahashi, the impregnable rhythm section of Makoto Ozone’s big band No Name Horses, are backing up.

The album consists of 5 original songs by Kei Ozone and 4 standard songs. All of the original songs are pleasant to the ear and are numbers that touch the heart. It is a work that makes you feel the true charm of jazz, where you can enjoy the open and straight sound and the interplay between the members.

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