Marcus Sukiennik – The C Chronicles (2023)

Marcus Sukiennik - The C Chronicles (2023)
Artist: Marcus Sukiennik
Album: The C Chronicles
Genre: Jazz
Label: Linie 21
Year Of Release: 2023
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. C Chron | Little Things
02. Das Unwohlsein abschmecken | Vorspeise
03. Das Unwohlsein abschmecken | Hauptgang
04. Das Unwohlsein abschmecken | Dessert
05. Kurze Weil | einerweil
06. Kurze Weil | zweierweil
07. Kurze Weil | dreierweil
08. Kurze Weil | viererweil
09. Kurze Weil | fünferweil
10. C Chron | Fading
11. C Chron | A Gig
12. Sich seines Selbst vergewissern | erster Teil
13. Sich seines Selbst vergewissern | zweiter Teil
14. Sich seines Selbst vergewissern | dritter Teil
15. Sich seines Selbst vergewissern | vierter Teil
16. Sich seines Selbst vergewissern | fünfter Teil
17. Sich seines Selbst vergewissern | sechster Teil
18. Seelenstreichler | erste Fantasie
19. Seelenstreichler | zweite Fantasie
20. Seelenstreichler | dritte Fantasie
21. Seelenstreichler | vierte Fantasie
22. C Chron | Empathy, Reliance And Believe


The changeable nature of life during the pandemic is also reflected in the composition of the 22 tracks on the new album, which resembles a film script. The structure is provided by the jazzy C-chrono pieces “Little Things” at the beginning, “Fading” and “A Gig” in the middle part as well as “Empathy, Reliance and Believe” at the end, which with their catchy harmonies as well as spoken text and vocals create a Provide a kind of narrative of the “Corona Chronicle”. The intense emotional kaleidoscope, which is like a roller coaster ride with a happy ending, is provided by the classic works “Das Malwohlsein abschmecken”, “Kurze Weil”, “Sich sich selbstbegersicherung” and “Seelenstreichler”, of which several variations can be heard.

All tracks of The C Chronicles were produced by Marcus Sukiennik. The recording of the C-Chron tracks took place in the Bochum studio of the singer Daniel Basso, the neo-classic compositions in the studio of Marcus Sukiennik. The album will be available from March 24, 2023 on the usual streaming portals and as a download album in Marcus Sukiennik’s shop. The repertoire is offered as a live concert.

The pianist Marcus Sukiennik, trained in classical music and jazz, mainly composes for piano solo and writes arrangements of classical melodies in Cologne. He gives concerts in jazz and classical ensembles as well as crossover projects. In addition, he has been playing contemporary backgrounds as a bar pianist for more than 25 years, including as artistic director in the piano bar of the Excelsior Hotel Ernst in Cologne and in the Cologne Musical Dome before the “Moulin Rouge” show.

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