Nat King Cole – Platinum Nat King Cole (2007)

Nat King Cole - Platinum (2007)
Artist: Nat King Cole
Album: Platinum Nat King Cole
Label: EMI Music
Year Of Release: 2007
Format: FLAC (image+.cue)
01. Lush Life [0:03:18.10]
02. Because You’re Mine [0:03:13.16]
03. Too Young to Go Steady [0:02:53.50]
04. People [0:02:42.09]
05. Somewhere Along the Way [0:02:53.50]
06. Tenderly [0:02:57.07]
07. Smile [0:02:54.57]
08. A Blossom Fell [0:02:33.12]
09. That’s You [0:02:37.00]
10. Faith Can Move Mountaines [0:03:12.72]
11. Pretend [0:02:44.57]
12. Mother Nature and Father Time [0:03:09.69]


A single-CD collection of Nat King Cole never does him justice, as there are too many songs to cover. This package is not very hit-oriented, does not feature his brilliant piano playing, and is laden with string arrangements. There is a version of the corny “People,” but also great takes of “Lush Life,” classics such as “Too Young to Go Steady” and “Smile,” and the obscure “Mother Nature and Father Time.” Search for a better “best-of” that is more platinum than tin.
review by Michael G. Nastos

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