Eddie Cole and Betty Cole – Two Hot Coles (2023)

Eddie Cole and Betty Cole - Two Hot Coles (2023)
Artist: Eddie Cole and Betty Cole
Album: Two Hot Coles
Label: Jasmine Records
Year Of Release: 2023
Format: FLAC (tracks)
1. Sincerely / Until the Real Thing Comes Along (02:11)
2. Sometimes I’m Happy (02:24)
3. I Hadn’t Anyone Till You (02:40)
4. Squeeze Me (02:54)
5. Poor Butterfly (02:14)
6. One Little Dream of You (02:47)
7. After You’ve Gone (02:10)
8. A Porter’s Love Song to a Chambermaid (02:41)
9. Pink Champagne (02:02)
10. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out (03:05)
11. Sweet Someone (02:22)
12. Hawaii-Mahalo to You (02:52)
13. China Nights (Shina No Yoru) (02:51)
14. Cling to Me (02:00)
15. You and I (02:30)
16. You Took Your Love from Me (01:58)
17. Sweet Georgia Brown (02:48)
18. Shine on Harvest Moon (02:02)
19. Two Lost Souls (02:35)
20. Christopher Columbus (02:58)
21. Your Feet’s Too Big (02:04)
22. Embarcadero Boogie (02:24)
23. 1:46 Boogie (01:51)
24. Now Is the Hour (Maori Farewell Song) (02:44)
25. Rose Room (02:08)
26. Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m One (02:13)
27. Dancing on the Ceiling (03:04)
28. People Will Say We’re in Love (02:29)
29. Saturday Night Fish Fry (02:35)
30. Sweet Someone (02:32)
31. Absinthe House Boogie Blues (02:38)
32. The Baron’s Boogie (02:20)


Nat King Cole was one of four brothers who all played and sang and had similar voices – Nat, Ike, Freddy and Eddie. Eddie was the oldest and it was he who taught Nat how to play piano and coached him on his singing.

Eddie had a successful career of his own, forming his first band at 17, recording for Decca, and culminating in a featured role on the TV series ‘Bourbon Street Beat’. When Eddie met his wife Betty King, who also played and sang, they formed an unusual duo in which they performed together on one keyboard.

Gathered here for the first time on CD are both of their rare LP’s, as well as several singles, all digitally restored in Jasmine’s pristine sound. Nearly 90 minutes in all.

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