Philip Zoubek Trio – Labyrinthus (2022)

Philip Zoubek Trio - Labyrinthus (2022)
Artist: Philip Zoubek Trio
Album: Labyrinthus
Label: WhyPlayJazz
Year Of Release: 2022
Format: FLAC (tracks)
01. Insomnia
02. Meander
03. Mantra
04. Rituals
05. Breath
06. Unrests
07. Labyrinthus
08. Silent House
09. E
10. Bells
11. Exhaust
12. Monolith


Philip Zoubek (piano, synthesizer, composition)
David Helm (bass)
Dominik Mahnig (drums)

The pieces form platforms that are given contour and character on stage. This is how a branching labyrinth came into being, in which the instrumental elements were led to a synthesis that was hardly distinguishable. Like a kaleidoscope, this music shimmers in many colors that emerge from one another and merge into one another. The organism of this tightly meshed band is always looking for new directions of harmony, which are then concisely stepped out. This naturally results in this striking and differentiated unity, this recognition effect of a group sound that is original and fresh – full of tension and elasticity. The music, created in excellent sound quality in the chamber music hall of Deutschlandfunk, is always new and is not based on functioning reference values ​​in the unsecured terrain. In their imaginative trialogues, the musicians search for inner logic and a deeper, more extensive approach to improvisation. They play with forms, structures, rhythms and intensities without using simple schemes of theme and variation. This makes their music an adventure for the listeners too. Three distinctive characters can be enjoyed here working together on broadly defined fields, whose coordinates they appropriate according to the situation. From the combinatorics of their instruments they create their own worlds, which are aptly described in titles such as “Insomnia”, “Meander”, “Mantra”, “Breath” or “Silent House”.

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